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The Loreto Family’s Candid Photography Session

November 13, 2017

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I think as parents we have this of what our family photos should look like. It comes from a long history of traditional portraiture in studios where the family was strategically posed, everyone looked ahead to the camera and smiled. The order would be shuffled slightly and everyone would look ahead at the camera and smile again. As I flip through our family photo albums looking at those posed portraits I can’t help but realize how little story they tell – only that everyone was there on that day at the time (and that there were some terrible hair trends back in the day).

But what they don’t let you see is what a little spitfire my husband was as a child. Or what an amazing big brother he became to both of his younger sisters. Those photos are missing stories. But the candid photography? The snapshots taken in those moments in between where children are children and mothers are mothering? Those are the photos I live for. The ones that spark stories and bring forth memories.

Now I’m not knocking traditional portraiture. Photographs who do it are immensely talented and it absolutely has it’s place in preserving your families history. But so do those moments in between. Which is why I strive for a combination of traditional portraiture and candid photography in all of my sessions. I want to capture who your family is in this moment.

And the Loreto session was one of my favorites because, not only are they some of my dearest friends, but Xyris has more personality than anyone I’ve ever met. And I knew before I even showed them their photos, that I absolutely captured Xyris. I captured the way his dad feeds into his endless energy and I captured the way his mom absorbs it with endless patience and gentleness. Then  when Jennifer saw the photos she said to me “Ashley, you captured my family.” That was everything to me.


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