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The flower fields here in Jacksonville don’t tend to last very long in the spring which is a bummer because everyone loves a flower field photography session. In fact, we’re lucky to get just a couple of weeks in a good year. So imagine my surprise, and my excitement to find flower fields in full […]

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The path to wedding day was not a straight one for Dean and Courtney. It involved many years down a long and winding path before their wedding day finally arrived in September of 2017. But what a beautiful journey it had been and what a lovely day it was shaping up to be. Unseasonably warm […]

I’ve been looking forward to this family photography session for over a month now. When I first learned this was going to be a MultiGeneration family photo shoot I was ecstatic. I come from a large family, with five siblings and dozens of cousins. I LOVE big families and I love it, even more, when […]

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It was a beautiful summer day in Michigan, typically hot at the end of July but with enough breeze to keep wedding guests from sweltering. I arrived at Ashley and Allen’s home in the early afternoon to a houseful of bridesmaids in gorgeous silk robes with makeup that was PERFECTION. One of my favorite moments […]

You may find yourself on this blog post wondering why in the world a family photographer is talking about hurricane preparedness. Normally, this isn’t something you would find on my website. But as I watch my clients and my community of Jacksonville anxiously track Hurricane Irma I can’t help but believe that we’re all in […]

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Photographing children is one of my favorite things to do. Childhood is so fleeting, so innocent and so fun. As a parent, I know what it’s like to want every single detail documented. From the small moments to the major milestones, like FIRST birthdays! Emberly is one of my favorite clients – and it might […]

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